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Spiky Duck

If you're looking for some bog-standard copy for your website, you've come to the wrong place. There's waaay too much of that in the world.

Spiky Duck is a content and communications agency that creates stand-out written content for your brand. 

Whether it's copy for your website, stories for your newsletters or blogs, ghost-written LinkedIn posts, capability statements, full-blown content strategies, or something in between, we can help.

Headed up by Martin Wanless, an experienced content creator with over two decades of agency and in-house experience, Spiky Duck offers top-quality content and strategic guidance that delivers on your business objectives and helps you genuinely connect with your audience. 

What we do  

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Content writing

From website copy to in-depth analysis; ghost writing to social media content, Spiky Duck is adept at creating compelling copy that will help your business find its voice and tell the stories that are unique to you. Spiky Duck's content can help you attract and retain customers.

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Content strategy

Great content is one thing. If it's not aligned with a measurable strategy that's going to help you achieve your business objectives, then why bother? It's proven that content programs are much more likely to succeed if backed by a written strategy – that's where we come in.  

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Consulting & mentoring

Spiky Duck is led by a content specialist who's managed, mentored and developed editors, writers and content producers for over 16 years. With a long-term consulting approach, Spiky Duck can plug in to your team when you need it to deliver best-class content leadership. 

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Behind Spiky Duck

Martin Wanless, the founder of Spiky Duck, has been working in content and communications in the UK and Australia for almost 20 years. He firmly believes every business, regardless of size, should have world-class content to help tell their story and achieve business goals.

After all, the only impression a potential customer often has about a business is the quality of the content they have published. If your website copy is mediocre, chances are people are going to hold that opinion of your brand.  

Before starting Spiky Duck, Martin was head of content at Mahlab, one of Australia's premier content agencies, and he also spent a year reimagining professional sports content in Australia for the Newcastle Knights.

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Content builds relationships. 

Relationships are built on trust. 

Trust drives revenue.” 

— Andrew Davis, US content guru